Hair Replacement In Oregon: Choose The Right Doctor

Hair restoration surgery is a major decision that requires time and consideration. Before committing to a hair transplant, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and are totally informed about the procedure. Dr. Gabel of the Gabel Hair Restoration Center is dedicated to providing his patients with a comprehensive consultation.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a doctor:

  • The Physician’s Training and Credentials
  • The Physician’s Experience
  • The Manner in Which the Physician Practices
  • The Comfort-Level You Feel With the Physician

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Help Female Hair Loss With Hair Transplants at the Gabel Center in Oregon

The Gabel Center in Oregon is dedicated to achieving the best results in hair restoration for men and women. Dr. Gabel uses state of the art hair transplant technology and incorporates cutting edge research from the newest hair loss studies.

A recent informal study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, found that the women with the most extensive hair loss had higher rates of Type 2 diabetes and bacterial scalp infections than those with mild or no hair loss. Continue reading

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The consultation appointment- The best hair transplants in Oregon start with a thorough consultation.

Your hair is one of the first things that people see when they look at you. This is one reason why hair loss can be so devastating and why it is important to make an informed decision regarding hair restoration.

The consultation appointment, at the Gabel Hair Restoration Center, is a key element in educating patients about this important decision. We will discuss a few aspects of a personal consultation appointment with Dr. Steven Gabel and how to get the most out of this appointment.

Before the Appointment

Before visiting a hair restoration center it is always good to do some preliminary research, about hair loss and options for restoring your hair. Keep a list of questions that come to mind to ensure that all questions are answered. It is also important to think about what you would ideally like to achieve with hair restoration and what would be satisfactory to you.

The Consultation Appointment

During the consultation appointment Dr. Gabel meets one on one with patients to discuss their situation, evaluate their scalp, answer their questions and create an effective treatment plan.
One of the first considerations is what is causing the hair loss. For the majority of hair loss sufferers, genetics are the culprit, but there are many other conditions that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. If the cause is unclear Dr. Gabel may advise further testing to determine the cause prior to proceeding with a hair transplant or other treatment options.
Once realistic expectations have been established Dr. Gabel will discuss treatment options and recommend a treatment plan. This plan may consist of surgical hair restoration, medical treatments, further testing or a combination of these components.

Making your Decision

At the Gabel Hair Restoration Center we respect that hair restoration is a personal decision. After considering their options, Dr. Gabel encourages patients to call or return to the clinic, if needed, to review their surgical plan or to ask further questions, prior to scheduling their surgery. Remember surgical hair restoration is permanent. You want to have it done right the first time, and you deserve the best hair transplants in Oregon.

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Looking for Hair Loss Clinics in Seattle? What to know about Hair Transplantation.

Everyone is different…shocking! Facial features, skin tone, and body sizes are all unique to you. This is the same case with the hair on your head.

Although this seems like an easy concept, a lot of people have trouble fully conceptualizing this. For example, no matter how much I try I will never be able to grow my hair like Johnny Depp. Unfortunately for me, it is just not in the cards.

Learning more about one’s own hair and hair loss is the first step before deciding on a hair transplant wa. Continue reading

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How a Hair Restoration Center Goes Above and Beyond

Are you looking for the best hair transplants in Oregon? While you would expect a Beaverton hair restoration clinic to preform hair restoration surgery, some clinics go above and beyond by offering various techniques to cater to individual patient needs. No two patients are alike, so offering unique treatments options is a must. Continue reading

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Firsthand Experience from a Hair Transplantation in Portland Part 2

Here is part two of James’ live-journal throughout his surgery with a hair transplantation in Portland with Dr. Steve Gabel.

A live journal is not something commonly done (especially during surgery). The ability to provide this first-hand experience is extremely valuable for people considering a hair transplant.

Here is the second part of his story: Continue reading

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Firsthand Experience from Seattle Hair Loss Clinics Part 1

James visited Dr. Gabel at one of his Seattle Hair Loss Clinics and provided us with his consultation experience. This will be the first of two posts provided by James during his hair restoration journey. This is his story: Continue reading

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Can You Go Bald from Wearing a Hat? A Portland Hair Restoration Clinic Answers

Did your grandpa ever tell you to take off your hat or else you’ll go bald? While a convincing way to get a boy to take off his baseball cap, this notion is a myth.

A man who wears a hat for most of the day might notice natural hair loss more than a man who doesn’t, since the hair collects in the hat. However, there is no proof that wearing a baseball cap causes increased hair loss, as a Portland hair restoration surgeon will attest.

While it won’t cause hair loss, wearing a hat can cause hair damage. Continue reading

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Before Your Portland Hair Transplant: What is Minoxidil?

Before looking into hair restoration Oregon, potential patients often consider other non-surgical options. There have been some significant developments in the medical treatment toward hair loss. Continue reading

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