Is There A Link Between Hair Loss & Carbs: Answers from a Hair Transplant Surgery Portland

Is there any link between carbohydrates and hair loss? Some scientists and dietitians think so.

About 10 percent of people on carb exclusion diets experience hair loss, possibly due to a lack of nutrients like B vitamins and silica. When removing a major food group it is essential to replace nutrients found easily in grains and fruit. Dr. Gabel shares with readers how these diets can affect hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by a number of things including stress and anxiety, but the most likely dietary cause is a lack of iron. If you are on a high-protein diet make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron. Foods like tomatoes, oranges or other fruits are rich in vitamin C.

Check out this list of foods that promote healthy hair:

  • Salmon – Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, this high-quality protein source is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron.A deficiency can result in a dry scalp and thus hair, giving it a dull look.
  • Dark Green Vegetables – Spinach, like broccoli and Swiss chard, is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum. The oily substance, secreted by your hair follicles, is the body’s natural hair conditioner. Dark green vegetables also provide iron and calcium.
  • Beans – Legumes like kidney beans and lentils should be an important part of your hair-care diet. Not only do they provide plentiful protein to promote hair growth, but ample iron, zinc, and biotin. While rare, biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair.
  • Whole Grains – Hearty whole grains, including whole-wheat bread and fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals, offer a hair-healthy dose of zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
  • Oysters – The key to their hair-boosting abilities is zinc, a powerful antioxidant.In addition to getting it from whole grains and nuts, you can also get zinc from beef and lamb.

No matter what your diet is, it’s important that it is balanced and nutritional. Dr. Gabel and his team encourage their patients to live a healthy lifestyle. You and your hair will reap the benefits!


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